Panasonic adds DMC-G5 Micro Four Thirds to Lumix Lineup


The Panasonic Lumix series is a host to a lot of great cameras. The good thing about this is that Panasonic consistently adds new devices to the family and the one that is on highlight for today is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 which is a micro four thirds camera. The fact that it was already half a year since the last member of the Lumix was released makes the DMC-G5 a device to look forward to as well.

The DMC-G5 is the successor for the acclaimed G3. It sports a 16-megapixel camera and is capable of shooting full HD video at a frame rate of 60fps. In addition to that, it can also capture some fast stills at 6fps. This number is faster than the one present on the 5D Mark II. As far as the ISO is concerned, the maximum value of it on the DMC-G5 is 12,800 although we rarely see people push it to the limit.

This excellent camera is available in three different colors which are black, silver and white. The price tag of it is yet to be released but with the device being available in the store next month, we expect the price to be released soon enough.

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