Philips ESee HD – Full HD camcorder with 23x zoom and WiFi module


Philips is one of the major electronics manufacturers, recognized for excellent performance demonstrated in televisions and audio systems, but with a negligible market presence of equipment actually gets the images onto the small screen.

Philips ESee HD, still not announced officially yet, aims to standards of the highest quality.

The video camera assembled in a very compact aluminum case provides recording capabilities in Full HD (1080p) and 23x optical zoom lens, complemented by an audio system with “Audio Zoom”, which should allow better focus of the microphone in distant plan.

Another detail that can be very helpful when we want to transfer records in computer memory is the WiFi module. The menu system have options for uploading pictures and videos to your favorite social network, in a most convenient and fast way.

The recordings are saved on SDHC memory card or SDXC (being borne 64GB capacity or more).

Unfortunately without an official announcement from Philips, we can only assume that the interface of the new ESee HDs will be controlled by a touch-screen navigation system designed to simplify the menu, while reducing the need for physical buttons on the case.

Philips ESee HD did not receive a release date or price, but from its bold specifications we can expect that the new product is not exactly cheap.

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