Review: The Samsung NX200 Camera with Interchangeable Lens


Cameras are always the rage among consumers and no matter how good mobile phones and smartphones get, at capturing stills and video, the good old camera is still one step higher than them. In this post, we bring you a detailed review of the latest Samsung NX200 camera, which falls in the ILC (interchangeable lens category). This mirrorless model is expected to hit the market very soon.


The NX200 has stylish, sleek, looks and is quite attractive at first glance. The camera housing is smooth and shiny and feels good to hold. However, the NX lens mount has a strange design – it goes beyond the front face by almost half an inch. This seems a bit funny, as the latest cameras come with a very sleek design.

The camera sadly does not include a built-in flash, but you can find an external strobe in the box. At the back of the NX200 is a 3” AMOLED VGA display screen. This gives you great resolution, color and sharp details. The white balance, though, may not be as accurate as you think. A dedicated record button activates the camera’s 1080p video capture capability.

The camera also includes stereo mics, mini HDMI, micro USB ports and support for external SD card.

General Performance

The Samsung NX200 is rather slow regarding speed. While you can set a pre-focus, it does become inconvenient when you want to capture fast-moving objects. There is this lag even while capturing video.

Apart from this problem, the camera is good enough, offering a good resolution and even better battery life. The best feature of the Samsung NX200 undoubtedly has to be its powerful battery.

Image Quality

The camera uses an APS-C sensor, which means capturing pictures in low-light conditions is a breeze. There is practically no noise at high ISO settings either, which is a definite plus. Though the camera offers good color and exposure, the general picture sometimes tended to look softer than what was actually there.

User Interface

The UI of the Samsung NX200 is pretty easy to setup and use. The camera gives you a variety of modes to choose from and lets you control these functions with ease. The Magic Mode offers you several frames and filters, which you can use to enhance your picture. There are also some basic GPS options open to you.

The Verdict

Mirrorless ILC cameras are just coming into the market and so, they will take time to evolve and grow. The brands that are already there offer good features at a reasonable price range. This concept is slowly getting more and more popular and there may come a day when these compact cameras with interchangeable lenses may become the favorite of professional photographers.

The Samsung NX200, priced at $800, may be a tad bit too expensive, considering its features. Sony’s line of mirrorless cameras starts at about $549, which is way below the former. Of course, Sony does not have video capabilities like the Samsung, but we wonder if you would want to spend so much extra for one extra feature.

Anyways, check out the pictures of the Samsung NX200 and decide for yourself.

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  1. Fants says:

    This is a joke, right? I’m assuming this is a joke.

    1. Neither of the pictures in this review actually contains an NX200.

    2. Nearly every small mirrorless camera now has a protruding lens mount.

    3. All of them, including Sony’s, have video capabilities.

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  2. Andrew says:

    The main picture is of the nx100 not the nx200

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