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Security in any establishment is a serious global issue today. That is why security cameras are a must today. Web security cameras help in a number of situations, from being used in shops, restaurants, railway stations, airports and so on.

The best thing about a web security camera is that it can be connected to a network, so that the entire security team can work as one single unit to monitor general security. Also, if you are using a personal security system, you can monitor it with any mobile device connected to that network, even remotely, such as with a mobile phone. In this article, we bring you a roundup of some of the most popular web security cameras for this year.

Dropcam Wi-Fi Security Camera

The Dropcam, manufactured by 88Volts, uses hardware made by Axis. You can connect this camera to your PC via Ethernet or even Wi-Fi. Then you sign up for a Dropcam account online, key in your registration number and then use it in just a few more steps.

There are two models, one that just captures video and one that captures both audio and video. Both are easy to setup and use. Each of these devices comes with a mounting accessory and AC adapter and can be installed and functional in minutes.

The advantage here is that you can connect multiple Dropcams to one single network. But you can only use them indoors for them to be most effective.

This web security camera lets you watch live video monitoring from anywhere, over the Internet. You can also stream video onto your iPhone using the free Dropcam app.

The two models cost $200 and $280 respectively, which may be a little steep, but well worth it as far as durability is concerned.

One disadvantage, though, is that this does not give HD output and does not offer panning capabilities either.

dropcam security camera

Sony SNC-RX25N IP camera

The Sony SNC-RX25N is great for use and remote monitoring anywhere at all and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Easy to setup and much more cost-effective than the traditional CCTV cameras, this gives good quality images that can be streamed over the network.

Both MPEG4 and JPEG image compression types are available with this web security camera, so you can install it and monitor activity in any location whatsoever.

This camera gives you 18x optical zoom, which can be controlled from your PC’s Web browser. You can also control the camera by clicking on the panorama image. It comes with many added functions such as Day/Night function, audio monitoring, alarm and more. This is also great for web casting applications.

If you should ever run into trouble during setup or installation of this camera, you can refer to a detailed user manual that comes along with it.

The flip side of this product is price, which amounts to a little over $1000. But it is generally used only by establishments and hence, is not too expensive considering that.

There are countless number of web security cameras available in the market. You first have to decide the purpose you want to use the camera for and then go for the one of your choice.

Sony SNC-RX25N

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