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All Canon cameras, as you are well aware, are great for photography, irrespective of whether they are handled by novices or professionals. In this post, we focus on the Canon PowerShot SX230, one of the toughest of Canon’s PowerShot line, which also includes a unique GPS mode. While much has been written and said about this camera, we bring you some sample photos of the Canon SX230, so that you get an actual, visual idea about how the camera functions in different lighting situations.

Canon SX230 HS – a PowerShot with the GPS mode

Indoor Images

The PowerShot SX230, as you can see, gives good quality images in indoor conditions. The first image, as you can see, is well-detailed and one can perceive all the vibrant colors of the chapel.

Noise and Resolution

The second image, though, could have been a bit clearer. It is ever so slightly textured and there seems to be a mild halo effect around the main object area. Nevertheless, the camera manages to capture a near-perfect image of the chapel in the distance.

Outdoors and Shaded Areas

The PowerShot SX230 also manages to capture great images of the great outdoors too, as also of shaded crevices like the image of the clock below.

Wide Coverage

Below is a zoomed shot to show you the camera’s coverage of width. The picture loses none of its clarity in spite of applying zoom on it and the final outcome is as clear as the rest of the photos.

Best 12.1MP Resolution

The image below shows you how the camera functions at its best resolution, with the auto white balance function turned on. The image produced here is crystal clear and leaves no reason for complaint.

In Conclusion

Offering face detection, scene recognition and a variety of interesting modes, the Canon PowerShot SX230 is more suited to more professional photographers, wanting to own an advanced camera at affordable prices.

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