Samsung EX1 (TL500) Released in Korea


Samsung EX1 TL500 10 Megapixel Cam

Samsung’s 10 Megapixel Camera EX1 or TL500 is now available in Korea. The all new TL series supports raw and has the ability to slow down the video to 1000 Frames Per Second.

Lets have a look what Samsung states about this cam on their website:

The world’s first 24mm wide angle F1.8 brightness Schneider Lens 3x Jobs

1,000 million pixel, high-sensitivity 1/1.7 “CCD with built-in noise reduction

3.0 “AMOLED display, rotary applications, free photography available

So, Samsung’s 10 Megapixel cam with all the power-packed features will be available for $400 in korea. The price might look high, but it is reasonable when compared to its marvelous features.

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