Samsung NX10 Camera Review, Features, Specifications


Samsung NX10 CameraAt first glance the Samsung NX10 looks like a typical compact DSLR similar to the Canon G10 or G11. However, it is not a compact DSLR; it’s not even a micro-4/3 or even a hybrid. With the introduction of the Samsung NX10 in the market, Samsung aims to create an entirely new market for their newest brand of camera.

For a lack of a better term (that’s how new the whole ‘market’ is), we shall refer to the Samsung NX10 as a semi-SLR.

One of the biggest concerns of consumers is the size of the camera. Those who just want a simple camera that can take decent photos should stick with point and shoot cameras; because they are smaller, easier to handle and very portable. The Samsung NX10’s size is pretty much the same as the Olympus Pen or the Panasonic G1. If you have been using a dSLR for quite some time, you will find the transition from your DSLR to your Samsung NX10 easy. The NX10 is equipped with both manual controls and the usual pre-sets found in compact cameras.

Aside from shooting 14.6-megapixel still images, the NX10 is capable of taking 720p movies (H.264 @ 30 fps) a feature that can be found on most dSLRs nowadays. Photos are clear, crisp and bright; at their original setting (4592×3056 pixels at 6MB each), you will be able to closely scrutinize the details of your photos.

You will be pleasantly surprised that even photos taken at night are quite sharp; however, they may be a bit grainy, if you rely on ISO adjustments. To take clearer photos at night, you might want to use an external flash or the built in pop-up flash. It must be noted that the high aperture of the pancake lens that comes with the package may be another good reason why the Samsung NX10 takes such great photos.

Video capture is quite impressive. At 30 frames per second, the video is clear and crisp. The video format is MP4 (H.264 codec) however, the audio is only in mono.

One of the best things about Samsung cameras are the AMOLED screens. This makes photo and video viewing easy as they are crisp and bright even if they are under direct sunlight.
As of the moment, there are only a handful of lenses compatible with the Samsung NX10, however, Samsung has announced that they are going to release an additional 5 lenses later this year.

The Samsung NX10 is a great alternative for those who want to get dSLR quality photos without the hassle of lugging around a bulky dSLR. It’s great balance between an entry level dSLR and the size of a good point and shoot camera.

It is a very good camera, if you are looking to buy one, then this will be a good choice.

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