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Wireless SD Card

Have there been times when you have desperately wished for a microSD card device which also has built-in Wi-Fi? Well, your search ends here, because here comes the new and improved Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD Card! This is actually a microSD card, which looks, feels and functions like a normal SD card. The only difference is that this thingy also has Wi-Fi built into it. The Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD Card is meant primarily to work with all digital cameras.

The device, which comes with either a 2GB or 4GB microSD card, is amazingly small, yet unbelievably efficient. Just try and imagine how powerful the tiny thing must be if it is capable of pulling enough power from the camera, in order to run a mini Wi-Fi client!

How the Eye-Fi works

First time users have to first place the card in the USB adapter supplied with it and plug it into the PC. The software is pre-loaded into the card, so all you have to do is to install the Eye-Fi Manager onto your PC to start working on it immediately.

Once signed into Manager, you have to set the card to connect automatically to the default network. Since Eye-Fi supports WPA2, the device quickly sets up the network.

The next step is to save the photos onto the PC. The software automatically creates a folder for each day and organizes it all quite nicely. Photos are automatically uploaded from the camera to the PC even when you are located near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

One nice tool the Eye-Fi microSD Wi-Fi device offers you is the Eye-Fi Geo, which has the ability to geo-tag your snaps. The device contains a database of Wi-Fi access points, so it is great even to carry around while travelling.

Update to the Pro version

Eye-Fi has always been a known and reputed name in delivering photographs wirelessly to the PC as well as photo-sharing Websites such as Facebook and Flickr. But the great thing about this device is that it has steadily improved its service with a string of useful updates.

While the normal version comes with a 2GB microSD card, the advanced Pro version available today comes with 4GB and 8GB cards plus additional features as well. The Pro version includes support for RAW files, selective uploading and wirelessly sending the photos to the PC via an ad-hoc network. Also, the larger capacity microSD Wi-Fi card also lets you take videos, which is a huge added bonus for pros at photography.

The Eye-Fi Wi-Fi microSD card is priced at $150, which is a little steep if you think of it merely as a microSD card. But considering all its other features as well, one would think it is worth investing in it.

The Eye-Fi connected to your Laptop

Eye-Fi Wi-Fi MicroSD


  • The Eye-Fi displays almost flawless performance each and every time.
  • The selective uploading feature and ad-hoc network support work well for both amateur and professional users.
  • Support for RAW files is especially good for professionals.
  • The Pro version gives users a lifetime subscription to geotagging support.
  • Eye-Fi owners can download their latest iPhone app for free.


  • Wi-Fi Hotspot access is free only for a year, after which the user has to pay for the service.
  • While uploading from a camera, the user cannot ascertain upload status.
  • Some pro users find it difficult to shoot extremely fast-moving photographs.
  • The price is a little too steep if you want to use this merely as a microSD card.

Take a look at the video review of the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi microSD card device.

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