The Best High Speed Video Cameras From Casio


A high speed video camera is generally used for recording fast moving objects, in the form of images, onto a storage media. These can later be played back in slow-motion. While earlier high speed cameras used film to record these, the high speed video cameras available today use either a charge-coupled device or a CMOS image sensor, which can record over 1000 frames per second into DRAM. Today, we bring you reviews of the two best high speed video cameras from the giants in the field, Casio.

Casio Exilim EX-FH20

The Casio Exilim EX-FH20 is a great megazoom camera with high speed recording capabilities. Coming with a comfortable and stylish design, this also includes nice new features you will enjoy playing with. This basic point-and-shoot camera has one great advantage to it – it can shoot at 40 frames per seconds and 1,000 fps video capture too.

The camera is not too easy to operate and its picture quality leaves a lot to be desired, even though it is of 9MP resolution. It feels good to hold and operate though, what with a tight handgrip, large thumbrest, big screen and nicely positioned controls. The FH20 offers you eight color filters and several saturation, sharpness and contrast options to choose from.

You can set the FH20 to automatically stores all your shots, if you so wish. The only problem is that while doing so, you just may end up filling all the available memory, and also burn up a lot of battery charge. For this reason, it would be advisable to keep spare batteries with you at all times.

The Casio FH20 performs as well as it promises. It can capture 7MP images at up to 40fps. Considering the usual speed of megazooms, this one is indeed much faster and the start-up time to taking the first shot is just over 3 seconds. The time between shots is lesser than 2 seconds, which is a pretty good score.

Photo quality is where this one is lagging behind. The problem is with accuracy and white balance. The pictures also tend to have a lot of noise in them, due to which it is better to use this camera for smaller prints or for Website use.


Casio EX-FC100

The Casio EX-FC100 is one camera that works really well with high-speed video and continuous-shot still photography. Stylish-looking and quite easy to hold and use, this is one of those very few small devices that stand out as a high¬-speed camera and works equally well with both still images and videos. Available for $349, however, this camera is still too expensive if you want a truly high-end camera.

On the positive side, the FC100 offers you a great LCD screen, stunning 9.1MP resolution and a 5X optical zoom lens. Image quality is great in many cases. But it also lacks in some areas. Generally, this camera shoots better images outdoors than indoors.

In low-light conditions, the FC100 is your average point-and-shoot camera. There is no long-shutter mode for night-time shooting, which is quite disappointing. It does not give as great close-ups as one would like either. The anti-shake mode is good though, and this feature helps you avoid blurry photographs.

The best thing about the FC100 is high¬-speed photography and videos. The high-speed video mode is especially good.

Below is YouTube’s best high speed video camera clipping. Take a look and enjoy.

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