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Today, the concept of video-streaming on sites such as YouTube has become very popular and everyone wants a piece of cyberspace to themselves. In fact, a major portion of such amateur videographers are kids, who simply love to share their little joys through online home videos. There was a time when camcorders were pretty much expensive and not many people could afford it. Now, thanks to kid-friendly video cameras available today, which are also much cheaper than before, fulfilling this desire of your under-10 bundles of joy becomes considerably easier for you. In this article, we feature some of the top video cameras for kids.

Flip Ultra Series Camcorder

This amazing one-touch recorder is probably one of the most popular video cameras of all time. The biggest plus of this device is its simple-to-use interface, which even younger kids can operate with great ease. Recordings stored onto the Flip Ultra’s flash memory disk can then be connected and viewed on television immediately and with no extra effort.

The Flip is also relatively less expensive and offers stunning video quality. Available in HD as well as a slimmer Mino version, this device offers 60-minute and 30-minute memory capacity. In short, the Flip Ultra is one video camera that is just right for both you and your kid.

  1. The device could do well with a slimmer form factor.
  2. The major disadvantage with the Flip Ultra is that it does not support SD/MMC card expansion. Hence, the video captured cannot be expected to come up to a MiniDV camcorder’s standard.
  3. Also, the Muvee editing facility only works with PCs and not with Macs.

RCA Small Wonder Camcorder

The RCA Small Wonder camcorder is truly a wonderful camera for your “small wonders”. Designed especially with kids in mind, this device offers a very simple interface. The main control panel features the most basic buttons and this makes it very easy for users to focus, capture, view and edit the videos taken.

Another good feature about the RCA Small Wonder is that it has a built-in retractable USB cord, so you do not need to hunt around for it to connect it to your computer. More importantly, it takes itself out of the way when your child uses the recorder.

Offering good technology with ease of use, the RCA Small Wonder is a great device to help junior get familiar with video recording gadgets.

  1. Some models of the RCA Small Wonder scratch and damage easily.
  2. A sharp click sound is audible each time your press other buttons while capture video.
    Video quality could be improved.

RCA Small Wonder Camcorder

Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera

The beauty about the Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera is that it lets you control all aspects of vidoegraphy, right from shooting to editing frame-by-frame. Its large 2.4” display makes it very convenient to view its high-quality HD videos. Not only that, the device also helps you add your own music and pictures, thereby making the end product yet more entertaining.

Offering everything you expect from a video, the Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera is definitely the right kids’ video camera.

  1. Product does not include an optional memory card and there is not enough memory on board, so you will have to purchase extra memory cards.
  2. You cannot recharge the batteries by way of the USB connector.
  3. The software provided with the device is not compatible with Mac.

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