Two Digital Camcorders from Canon


In an event, Canon unveiled two smashing digital camcorders which are going to do wonders in the arena of professional video film-making. With these new camcorder gadgets, Canon has entered the world of professional film-making.

4K EF Cinema

Aside the two camcorders, Canon have also introduced 7 fresh 4K EF Cinema Lenses involving 3 latest models equipped with fixed FL (Focal Length) as well as four zoom lenses. The all new two camcorders, the C300 and the C300 PL support 8.29 megapixels and are equipped with CMOS sensor which is 35mm in length. Both the models are equally efficient as the former one comes with an EF mount making it compatible with all the current Canon’s models which has EF lens while the latter one is compatible with industry standard PL lenses.

The Highlighted Features

What makes both the camcorders special is the fact that; they have been designed in a way that makes shooting from vantage points possible which is otherwise difficult with large cinemas cameras. They have a compact body which makes them portable and can easily be fitted with a handle, grip, and monitor unit for external recording. Also, with the use of the WFT-E6B, it is possible to control the camera from a smartphone or a tablet. WFT-E6B transmits the files wirelessly over a network.

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