Video DSLR on a budget: 600D or 60D?


Canon has a lot of cameras that have video recording capability. In fact, it’s Canon EOS 5D Mark II is considered the benchmark for all video DSLR as it is simply the best in the market. However, we shall be focusing on two of its video DSLR which comes with a tilt LCD: the EOS 600D and 60D.

The two is almost similar with each other with the 60D being the mid-range camera while the 600D is an entry-level camera. Both camera sports the same 18.0MP sensor but one visible difference between the two is that the Canon 60D comes with an LCD screen at the top much like the higher end DSLRs while the 600D does not have it.

In addition to that, in terms of continuous burst, the 60D comes with 5.3 fps while the 600D has 3.7 fps. Both DSLR has the same ISO ranging from ISO 100 to 6400 but in terms of shutter speed, 60D is slightly faster with the fastest being 1/8000 seconds while the 600D is 1/4000 seconds. The weight of the 600D on the other hand is approximately 200g lighter than the 60D at 570g while the 60D stands at 755g.

It could be said that if one wants to get a video DSLR at a lower price, then the 600D is a good buy as it cost almost $200 cheaper than the 60D. However, for a more powerful camera with a bit more functionality, then the 60D is better. Either way, users will definitely be satisfied with any.

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