Android Based iPad Clone Selling for $125 in China


Fake Android iPad in China

Android based imitations of the iPad have been spotted on the streets on Beijing. The fake android based iPads cost between $125 and $200. They are easily available on the streets of Beijing contrary to the fact that it’s pretty hard to get a hand on to the original iPad units.

The simple logic behind China being the world leader in forgeries is the fact that it is world’s largest manufacturer of the new gadgets that are being introduced in markets. Thus it is very easy for them to develop fakes and clones for the gadgets which are known to them inside out. The latest example of forgery is the iPad. The fake iPad is available for just $125 after a bit of negotiation. Apple iPad has still not been launched in China and as for now no release date has been set. Another example of forging is the fake iPhone 4 known as “Hi-Phone”, it was available in the market a long time before the first official Apple iPhone 4 was brought to China. Though the fakes appear identical to the original units, but one can get to know the difference as soon as the the electronic device is switched ON.

The “iPads” based on Android are believed to be slow and unresponsive which does not come as a surprise because they are the fake ones. The size of the fakes and the original units is different and the fakes are sold in an imitation of the iPad box. The screens of the imitations are a bit smaller than the original units and on a low price the labeled 64GB of memory cannot be trusted. Though applications like Google maps, Chinese instant-messaging program QQ and the Android Market are present on the desktops of the fake iPads, the touch screen is pretty unresponsive which means sideways dragging of the finger for opening a new screen section does not work sometimes.

Even though it was recently announced that the manufacturing is speeding up and is catching up with the growing demand of the iPhones and the iPads, if you still want to put your hands on these gadgets before the others and if you don’t have a problem with cheap internal hardware, well a brand new iPad is waiting for you just a flight away. So, if you want to grab the Fake Chinese iPad or the Cloned iPad, then book your tickets to Beijing.

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