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Would you love to own an Apple iPhone but would not really want to spend so much money on purchasing a branded product? Well, there is a great option for those of you who are looking for a mobile phone that does not burn a hole in your pocket, which also offers you style and ease of use. Enter the Hiphone, a cell phone brand from China, which manufactures iPhone lookalikes, at a fraction of the cost of the smartphone.

Coming in a wide range of prices and features, the Hiphone is becoming hot property among the generation of people seeking to purchase a fast and efficient cell phone, which also looks good and fits into a much lower budget.

So why is the Hiphone so hot?

Of course, the Hiphone is a mere knock-off of the original iPhone, so it has to be understood that the latter will lack the actual feel of the smartphone. But considering this point, the Hiphone is pretty much decent in terms of looks and functionality.

Many models of the Hiphone offer quad-band, dual-SIM and fast 3G features as well. In fact, the Hiphone 3GS is very impressive with speed, so the user gets a great phone at much lesser the cost of the original.

Another very important point here is that new technology keeps going obsolete every few weeks or months. In this scenario, it gets very expensive to keep updating/upgrading your handheld. The Hiphone is easily affordable and includes much of the latest technology. There is the Hiphone TV Phone and the Mini Hiphone 3GS, which work beautifully. Considering the low price, customers would not mind even changing their phone every few months, to include a new model.

We now bring you some of the top models of the Hiphone.


Supporting 2G and 3G networks, the Sciphone G15 can help you connect to the Internet to browse the Web, send emails and IMs. This device is powered by a 208MHz processor and provides features such as dual-SIM, WAP 2.0, Wi-Fi, Java 2.0, 2MP camera, Analog TV, Orientation Sensor, 3.2” capacitive touchscreen display and brilliant audio and video playback.

The Sciphone 168 4G phone also additionally supports Bluetooth and offers quad-band and dual-SIM features too.

hiphone 3G


The line of touchscreen Ephones are also very popular models among the Hiphone devices. The Touch E9000 is especially sought after, as it offers a Dual SIM slot, Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone TV and FM Radio as well.

This stylish model also features quad-band GSM networks and multi-language support. The dual hi-def camera captures clear audio and video and the 3.5” touchscreen display allows users to enjoy viewing pictures and video on it.

X66 Touch mobile phone

One of the latest in the Hiphone line of mobile phones is the X66, which packs a touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, TV, Java, quad-band support and FM Radio. Additionally, it offers a dual-SIM slot, GPRS/WAP connectivity, Bluetooth, Games and more.

The best thing about this model is that the Wi-Fi support gives you fast hi-speed wireless Internet access on demand. With so many facilities, this is definitely worth more than just a look.


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