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Apple iPad

Apple iPad is one of the best selling gadgets of the year 2010. Many people who were in need of a portable PC selected iPad as their mate. When the Apple iPad was announced many companies started planning a tablet for their own brand and the iPad Killers were born.

BlackBerry Playbook Official

BlackBerry Playbook is yet another Tablet PC. The Playbook was recently introduced by RIM. It has got some great features, some are even better than the iPad.

Here is a comparison between the two –

Operating System –

Apple iPad runs on the Apple iOS. iOS is user-friendly and that is the reason behind its popularity.

BlackBerry Playbook runs on BB Tablet OS. BlackBerry Tablet OS is a new QNX-based OS which was announced by BlackBerry on 27th September 2010. QNX Software Systems developed this OS specially for the Playbook.

You can also read the comparison between Apple iOS and Google Android here –

Apple iOS vs. Google Android – Which one is better?

Display –

Apple iPad has a 9.7-inch screen. Resolution – 1024 x 768.

BlackBerry has a 7-inch screen. Resolution – 1024 x 600.

Processor/RAM/Graphics –

Apple iPad sports Apple A4 (ARMv7) – 1GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM and PowerVR SGX 535 Graphics.

BlackBerry boasts dual-core Corex A9 – 1GHz Processor and 1 GB RAM. There is no information about the graphics yet.

Camera –

Apple iPad doesn’t come with any built-in camera.

BlackBerry comes with a 5 MP rear camera and a 3 MP front-facing camera.

Others –

Apple iPad offers bluetooth as the connectivity option, BlackBerry Playbook offers the same. For detailed features of these tablets, you can read the following posts –

Apple iPad – Best Features and Missing Features

PlayBook – BlackBerry Tablet Introduced

Conclusion –

Do I need to say it? Of course you can see that BlackBerry Playbook is the tablet of today and it has got far better features than the Apple iPad.

Playbook is better than iPad in almost all the aspects. The only reason why people choose iPad could be the iOS user interface, but BlackBerry’s new Tablet OS will soon be attracting many more geeks. BlackBerry Playbook has got better hardware and Apple iPad has got a better OS and interface, so if you’re the one who wants a better hardware then Playbook is for you else you can choose the iPad itself.

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iPad or Playbook – which one do you find better?

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37 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    iPad wins, hands down. Hundreds of thousands of low-cost apps and a fantastic user interface beat more hardware almost every time. Mark this comment: the Playbook is doomed, just like the Storm and the Torch were going to be iPhone killers.

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    • @AmoLe99 says:

      Hahahaha oh please. Us Playbook users got WiFi 24/7, no need for travelling to WiFi areas for video calls or your little ‘FaceTime’. And i will ofcouse not forgetting our ever loved- BIS. You are even ranked with the Galaxy 10.1- what a let down

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  2. Kevin says:

    people are choosing the ipad because it’s the only one that’s freaking on sale today. Nobody can “choose” vaporware.

    Wait to do a comparison until it actually ships.

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  3. Dennis says:

    It won’t be long before the updated iPad will be out that surpasses the BB Tablet. RIM seems to be going in too many directions with their OSs.

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  4. Dude says:

    Sorry, blackberry has yet to impress me on anything at all. And I use them extensively in enterprise.

    iPhone or iPad with enterprise and exchange support = RIM dead. Thank you, please drive through.

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  5. Scott says:

    iOS on ipad delivers a great user experience plus an established, successful 3rd party ecosystem. Memory & processor speed may differentiate PCs, but, in the tablet/phone space, usability reigns supreme.

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  6. Bluezoo Seven says:

    Playbooks niche is in the enterprise. Apple still doesn’t understand it. iPad has no encryption, no firewall, no multiuser, no remote wipe, no enterprise management and weak authentication. If Playbook can offer those things–and make a deal with Microsoft for Office (particularly Word and Outlook) it will thrive in most Fortune 500 organizations where Apple, for all it’s cool features, still fails. And let me say that I’m writing this note from my own iPad lets you think me a hater…

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    • Dudley says:

      @Bluezoo Seven

      You’re not crazy, you’re being “taken”. You list the things Apple doesn’t understand, and yet you have NO idea whether the Playbook will do most of them. Will Playbook support VPN? Why don’t you think the iPad has remote wipe, encryption, or enterprise management? Moreover, developers are already testing iOS 4.2 on the iPad, which jumps its 3.2 feature set an entire version. CalDAV, LDAP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and more.

      Word or Outlook for Playbook? Before it even ships? That would be a huge and welcome announcement, but you’re now freely speculating with little info to go on. Let me know when you’ve found any evidence that Microsoft will release any software for a new Blackberry OS they’ve never heard of. iPad already has cloud-aware iWork apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers. They need to get out MS Office for iPad before they lift a finger for a device that hasn’t shipped any units.

      Do you know that by last July (three months ago) the iPad was in 50% of the Fortune 100 companies? iPhone, with iOS is in 80% of Fortune 100 and 60% of Fortune 500 at the time Apple had its third quarter earnings call. That’s July 2010.

      Why do you think Apple is failing here?

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  7. Khalid Mohd says:

    Playbook is my choice. Why? Because. QNX based Realtime OS. Videos? WMV Divx XVid..etc. File Manager with drag n drop. no need for itunes. HTML5 and Flash. Adobe Reader. Adobe Air. BB App World. BB Messenger. Enterprise and Mail. HDMI Output n MicroUSB connection/charging. Front and Rear Cameras. Conference Calls. Middleware. Chrome Browser(Rumor). AppWorks. Lighter and smaller. Wifi and 3G(future). Its the iPad killer. Blackberry Tablet OS will be the one on future blackberries. I thought RIM made a mistake when it didn’t acquire Palm for the webOs on blackberries and tablets. but RIM aqcuired QNX instead. This is a real deal for Apple and its iPhone and iPad. They should change mentality and allow Flash and middleware and just deal with it. Enough REinventions.

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    • paris says:

      QNX based Realtime OS??? are you planning on running a train station with the playbook??

      File manager?? forgot what files are can you remind me? on my mac and iphone ipad, i have images, video, books and so on!!

      HDMI output? i can really picture myself connecting such a small thing to my tv using a wire stuck in front of the tv trying to play a movie! airplay sounds more practical!

      i can think of holding a tablet to take a picture! would look really really silly!

      Thank god apple blocked flash! do you know how sluggish my macbook feels when i have a website loaded with flash? and that’s adobe fault! don’t want that “experience” on my iphone or ipad!

      i don’t want a usb to transfer stuff either! i love cloud storage that’s the future! stopped using memory sticks like 2 years ago!

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      • rockinthesixstring says:

        spot on paris!

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      • Greg says:

        Some of the ‘counter-arguments’ smell of pure fanboi-ism, and don’t seem to have a lot of thought put into them! I don’t think that this is the “iPad killer” for reasons mentioned below. There’s a market for the iPad for sure! Why would it need to be killed? But if it lives up to the description and specs, this is a much more attractive option for me:

        – Realtime OS: you don’t need to be running a train station. But some of us want to run real applications on a portable device, and in addition to raw computing power, the OS is key to this. Moreover, QNX is not only fast but incredibly stable. I’m not saying iOS is not, but I’m saying that QNX has a lot more headroom in it and has legendary stability. That can’t be a bad thing.

        – File Manager: yeah, I want a proper file manager, too. Hiding everything inside an app is counter to the way I and others think.

        – HDMI out: Airplay will not be practical for 1080p in its current iteration. Sorry. Furthermore, many of us have TVs with HDMI inputs that are not equipped (without extra add-ons) for wireless streaming. Of course I want a “little device” hooked up with HDMI out. Why would I want a big one? 😉

        – Cameras: it’s not about using it like an actual camera, silly. It’s about the camera being used in a smart way by apps for other chores. Ever see that Instant Message client that uses the rear-facing camera on an Android phone to give the illusion of the screen being transparent? What about other augmented reality applications? It’s not really at all about taking pictures. Though I’m sure if you had your tablet in hand and wanted to snap something surprising that suddenly started up next to you, you could do that, too. Are you going to continue to claim it’s useless after Apple (inevitably) adds it to theirs, too? Sheesh!

        – Flash: dude, if you hated flash that much, nothing would force you to use it. It’s about choice. And with the realtime OS and much faster processors, not to mention hardware acceleration of Flash functions, it simply wouldn’t be that slow! I think Adobe’s software is insanely bloated, too… ridiculously bloated… but you don’t have to use it, and a more powerful machine won’t make it seem as brutal. Your Macbook must suck if it’s that sluggish. 😉

        – Cloud storage: “way of the future”, Um… yeahno. Until that future arrives, I’m happy to have storage options on my actual unit. I don’t want to be a slave to connectivity. There’s no such thing as 100% wireless roaming connectivity in this world, and some of us simply don’t want to pay for it anyhow and will stick to wifi and hotspots for the most part. I don’t want to be forced to have connectivity to my cloud storage just to save or retrieve data.

        A rather long-winded way of saying: your perspective is very short-sighted, non-inclusive, and frighteningly fan-boyish.

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  8. Derhem says:

    Camera –

    Apple iPad doesn’t come with any built-in camera.

    BlackBerry comes with a 5 MP rear camera and a 3 MP front-facing camera.

    Why is apple so cheap with the cameras?

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  9. Kevin Walsh says:

    Ok my disclaimer. I used to work for Microsoft, my main desktop device is an I Mac but I still have a Windows 7 lappy, I recently bought an I Pad and I am a long time BlackBerry smartphone user and currently have a Bold 9700. So I think that gives me a foot in 3 or 4 camps and some degree of objectivity.

    I also have 25 plus years experience in IT sales and have some understanding of the difference between features and benefits.

    Most of the technology reviews compare features and not benefits – in fact they all do. Probably because they are written by techno geeks and read by techno geeks. Techno geeks are not where the market is. When I bought my I Pad, my friends also bought one at the same time. They have never heard of Android, Rim, Flash, single or dual core processors or any other techno babble you can think of. They bought one because it was a breeze to use and they could see use for it in place of a lappy.

    So my point is, the I Pad versus the rest debate will descend into the same rat hole as Windows versus Linux (and I have that as well on my lappy). Linux has been “technically superior” to Windows for years, but still has a relatively low market share. Mainstream folks do not buy features, they buy benefits and brand.

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    • paris says:

      very well said kevin, its a matter of how well the whole package works and not in it has a better gpu or n hdmi port. it the whole ecosystem behind it! windows is not the best desktop OS but the whole ecosystem behind it makes it the best for many!

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  10. Leapyean says:

    I think that I will reserve judgement until I have had a chance to sit down and use both. I am not going to base an opinion a few web videos adds (which all seem to be flash, even for the iPad btw) and some side by side numbers.

    Yes, The BB Playbook looks like it has some nicer specs, and the iPad has a good foot hold in the market, but until _all_ the Tablets hit the market there will be no way to finish this debate… and I am sure it will rage on for years to come just like the Mac/PC, Intel/AMD and so many more debates have.

    I am just glad that after 40 years of suggestion from Sci.Fi. and almost 20 of technological capability we finally have working consumer accessible tablets that are not just laptops with touch screens and fancy hinges.

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  11. Bob says:

    WHOO-HO, It will support Flash, means you can browse the whole internet, not only 50 % as the poor iSlaves do.

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  12. Jordan says:

    I still think tablets are stupid. Touchscreens are better on phones, not entire computers.

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  13. Freedanman says:

    iPad is terrible, if you like living under Nazi occupation then apple and ipads are for you, I have an iPad and I am very disappointed by how little I can do with it, There is very little connectivity with anything else that isn’t apple. Blackberry brings intelligent business and play equipment to the table, while apple is catering for the 13 year old boy that loves music, and fun games with lots of colors, blackberry is straight to the point no bs or stupid apps that you will have no use for. They allow all their products to work with others, unlike Adolph jobs who wants everyone to live using his products and no one elses. Blackberry plays nice and the playbook will be even nicer, can’t wait to sell the iPad when it comes out….

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  14. SAM says:

    IPad can’t play flash coded videos, this or what is a quite important for me. And If you just want to read newspaper it is just a joke to use iPad it, ~170MB with 3G 24/7 is very expensive (if you don’t have any packet data deal)…

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  15. Ms__Mia says:

    iPad wins ! I recently received the archos 101 Internet tablet for Christmas….stopped working in 4 days! Screen just turned black and stopped working! I did receive a full refund but that not good quality! I just purchased the Apple iPad yesterday and it is amazing! Beautiful screen and it ticks all the boxes! Great!

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  16. Walton Markel says:

    Perfect piece of work you have done, this site is really cool with excellent information.

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  17. I will select iPad. It is my only choice.

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  18. george says:

    for some reason the only ones that are complaining about the ipad are the ipad addicted people. so why are you complaining to the rest that might have a differentiated choice than you? i mean the playbook is a very nice tablet (still needs a couple of updates to be on its full potential usage), as is the ipad. personally and speaking about my needs and my reasons and use of a tablet, i prefer and use the blackberry playbook. nothing wrong with ipad nothing wrong with playbook. i mean an suv is a car, a sports car is a car and there are suv more speedy than other sportscars… each of us chooses whatbthey like and serves them best but somehow i find over the internet that apple enthusiasts are those that want all of the rest of us to choose what they have chosen… they better thinknabout the extension of their behaviors on their social aptitudes ans stop being egocentric, thinking that just because they chose ipad,phone or what have you, we all have to, or because we do not choose i-something it means we do not like apple. maybe we do but it does not suit our needs, maybe we do not but it is personal preference. this isnlike me coming and telling you your house sucks because it does not fit my criteria… people leave us alone in our “lesser” world of non i-something IT choices and enjoy your ipad and iphones peace of mind and piece of cake.
    pd: one thing objective is apple knew of the faulty hardware ontheir iphone 4 pre launch and they launched it anyhow and then tweeked their signal reception software on too and lied some more, so at least recognise that as apple faithful customers you have been hung out to dry by steve and his executive board… i know of very few other brands thatbhave done this in such samefull manner in the contemporary IT industry. for me this is a very good reason to buy anything BUT apple, and not necessarily a RIM device.


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    • paris says:

      the title of the article is Blackberry Playbook VS Apple iPad so its goal is to compare them! iPad users will defend iPad, playbook users will defend playbook.

      don’t see anything wrong in that.

      just give arguments why a device is better than the other.

      for my anything less than the iPad screen is not big enough for a tablet!

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  19. sdscscdc says:

    a lot of people say blackreery playbook is suck.

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  20. Kausani says:

    I would go for i Pad.

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  21. nik says:

    Its like asking do you want a replica tablet or the original one LOL blackberry is the most shtiest device ok … name on good thing black berry has that Ipad does not besides multitasking and BBM. LOL

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  22. Remi says:

    1. You can plug it on a flat screen TV with an HDMI cable
    2. Much easier to put songs and movies on it, copy paste from your PC and thats it (no need to go trough Itunes)
    3. CPU is better then Ipad, comes with more RAM too
    4. Can do multitasking (still worth mentioning again)
    5. Supports Flash and HTML5 for true web experience, loading web pages is also faster (unless the site has a lot of flash content then the ipad will load the webpage faster obvioulsy but with cheap looking website)
    6. The PlayBook has two 1080p HD cameras
    7. The Ipad cannot be thetered, the Playbook can with a blackberry
    8. Supports Air and Adobe Reader!

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  23. Remi says:

    Something I really like about the playbook is the movies and MP3’s (although I don’t use the songs so much).

    I have downloaded a few movies from torrents and directly from youtube, copied them in the playbook and they all play very nicely. I think you need to use Itunes with the Ipad and I must say that REALLY Sucks!!!

    So for movie watching and playing MP3’s, the Playbook is much better then the Ipad. You will waist more time trying to get movies and MP3s using your Ipad.

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