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There are a lot of smartphones which have Bluetooth support and those run by Android and iOS in particular do have support for external keyboards, specifically speaking, the Bluetooth keyboard. Unlike the on-screen keyboard, external ones work much faster especially to those that are adept at typing using a physical keyboard rather than a virtual one. Therefore, this post will revolve around some Bluetooth keyboards worth considering.

HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard

HP TouchPad isn’t planting its foot deep in the smartphones market share. In fact, WebOS is nowhere to be seen due to HP lack of support for the mobile operating system. However, the HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard is functional not only with WebOS devices but also Android and iOS devices as well. At a price of only $32.99, it is definitely a bargain to many.

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Portable Folding Keyboard

Freedom Pro comes out with this folding keyboard as it increases the mobility of the device as it is now more compact thus allowing its users to stash it easily in a tight compartment. It works with most mobile operating system such as Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS and a lot more. However, at $63.00 it costs almost double as compared with the HP TouchPad.

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