Netbook Vs Tablet – Which one is better?


Apple’s iPad which was released earlier this year is one of the best selling gadgets of 2010. Prior to the release of iPad, people had their interest in netbooks, but it seems that they are losing their interest now.

What Are Netbooks?

Introduction to netbooks –

HP Mini 210 Netbook

Netbooks are basically light-weight compact notebooks, they are designed for the basic computing and for surfing the internet. Light weight and small size makes it easy to carry. However, people might not get satisfied with the screen size and low level configuration.

What are tablet computers?

Introduction to tablet computers –

Apple iPad Tablet PC

A tablet is a compact sized electronic device which offers similar features as of a computer or a laptop. The tablets are touch-screens and are designed for surfing the internet.

Netbook Vs Tablet PC: War Of Features –

Netbooks and Tablets both are similar in some aspects, yet they are a lot more different.

Comparison –

Operating System – Most of the netbooks are based on windows, whereas tablets usually run on Android OS.

User Interface – Tablet PCs usually offers a touch-screen interface to the user. There are touch-screen netbooks out there, but the Netbooks are known for offering a similar interface as that of a laptop.

Hardware Specifications – Netbooks are believed to have a better configuration when compared to a Tablet PC. Tablet PCs don’t have keyboards usually and that is the worst part. However, not having a keyboard makes a Tablet PC lighter, portable and compact.

Price – Price of a netbook is lower when compared to a tablet pc, the reason for this thing could be the manufacturing cost. Tablet PCs are a hot gadget these days, they are in demand and they were released lately, these could be a few more reasons which adds up to the difference of the price.

Which one is better?

I guess different people will have different opinions.

Tablet PC can be a good choice for people who need a lot of portability and who like to own a fast and responsive gadget which could be operated easily with a finger-touch.

However Netbooks will be a great choice for people who want a durable mini laptop and who need a keyboard for doing most of the work.

When it comes to my personal opinion, I am a bit attached to netbooks. If you’re confused about buying a gadget, you can always read “3 Factors Which You Should Consider Before Buying A Gadget“.

So, which one do you like and why? You can always use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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  1. Raja says:

    i think tablet will be much better, main reason is touch screen.

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  2. Cambridge Mort says:

    The IPAD is a cool trendy device that everyone seems to be buying. Personally I’d rather have a Netbook because of the keyboard and your dollar goes farther with it.

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    • Akash Malik says:

      I really don’t consider price, but keyboard matters to me.

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    • Mark Strait says:

      Sorry, but bad thinking. The iPad runs circles around any Netbook. Why, the Netbook OS is subpar. Netbooks are made from the cheapest materials that the PC market can make. The iPad was built from the ground up and its fast and has tons of apps. Netbooks will die off faster than you think because of the lack of quality and apps. RIP Netbook

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      • Akash Malik says:

        You’re right upto some extent, but this comparison was not exactly between a netbook and an iPad, it was rather between netbooks and tablets. Tablets might take over the market or I should say they have already started taking it over, but most of the geeks still falls for netbooks.

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      • David R says:

        “The Netbook OS is subpar.”

        You mean Windows? Most netbooks utilize Windows – so you’re predicting the death of Windows?

        “The iPad runs circles around any Netbook.”

        Um, no it doesn’t. It might be a little faster than the oldest netbooks, but the iPad is designed to use a low power, lower performance, and ultimately CHEAP processor. It also has 1/4 of the RAM of most netbooks. The only advantage I see is superior battery life.

        “Netbooks are made from the cheapest materials that the PC market can make.”

        Depends on brand, but likely true for the cheaper brands.

        “Netbooks will die off faster than you think because of the lack of quality and apps.”

        Untrue. Netbooks aren’t likely to die off and the quality is only slightly inferior to the iPad for most brands. As for Apps, you have over 15 years of Windows applications that could conceivably run on a netbook. Saying that Netbooks have a “lack of apps” is completely wrong.

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        • Akash Malik says:

          Your comment takes this debate to another level and btw you justified it really well. Good work David.

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        • sam says:

          I agree David R. One word for my tablet friends, “Carpal tunnel”. Comfort when typing is key, especially for bloggers and website designers like me.

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      • Josh says:

        Many netbooks now have quad core processors with built in Intel graphics for low power, and a nice nvidia GPU for 3d when plugged into the wall. They are also running Windows 7. They have 250GB hard drives or SSD drives with over a GB of ram (base models have 1GB and up to 4GB). Good netbooks have multiple USB, bluetooth, and SD card slots. So in the end, netbooks really are a more serious computing device. The iPad could be compared to my phone, but not my netbook. I’ve used both.

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    • mm2young says:

      No, your dollar goes fUrther.
      Unless you really mean your dollar travels a longer distance down the road.

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  3. Rakesh says:

    I would go for a tablet pc because if it run on Android then there are a lot of games and netbook won’t run most of the games developed for Windows.

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    • Akash Malik says:

      Yeah this could be a good reason if you’re a game addict, but if you’re a blogger you should always choose netbook. I would say keyboard does make a difference.

      As I mentioned in the post, different people will have different opinions. I guess I forgot to add that the opinions will be somehow based on the requirements.

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  4. karan says:

    I say tablets are just a passing craze…its only a matter of time when people realize that netbooks actually offer better utility. Tablets only look a lot sexier. But when portability is concerned, you need a devices that combines portability with sturdiness and thats again where a netbook scores over a tablet and its only a matter of time before people realise.

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  5. Trooper09 says:

    You can buy a netbook that can turn into a tablet pc with a detachable keyboard as another cheap alternative. This is where portable computing is heading. Eventually the difference will lie in the internals.

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  6. addi says:

    this comparison is very useful for me… and I choose Tablet…:)

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  7. Jo Dean says:

    I dont think either can replace my MacBook Pro!

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  8. jz says:

    …except the iPad is not a tablet. Tablet computers run a full OS, and can run office applications like Word, Excel, etc. They also have a stylus input for handwriting recognition. The iPad does not have that. If anything, it’s a fancy internet appliance.

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  9. Samuel says:

    I was planning to buy one of these and I was confused. Ultimately I bought a tablet and I am still regretting.

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    • Nathan Moos says:

      I bought a Viewsonic G Tablet and fixed it up and am wishing I had bought a ZAReason Teo Pro Netbook instead. (I’m an OSS guy, so Windows was never part of the comparison.) Why? The Web! My tablet, even with Flash Player 10.3, doesn’t let me fully interact with the web.

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  10. mm2young says:

    The iPad (I only have an iTouch, a nanno…and a Kindle) is a flat receiver, primarily. To be able to produce “work” a laptop-style device has more functionality. The iPad is great if what the user does is basically pay 99 cents and up for added narrow functions. The iPad is lighter than netbooks which offers diversity of functions but seems, to me, essentially to be an Apple money-maker. Am I biased against Apple? No. I own only Apple devices (except for glossy monitors) and will continue to do so. But I will skip the iPad, unless eventually I would need only passive functionality.

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  11. Paul Alves says:

    I own an iPad and I get a lot done on it. Keyboard is rarely necessary, but when it is I just pull out my bluetooth keyboard and start typing.

    Most of the time though, I am writing using the iPad’s built in touch keyboard.

    I’m writing a fricking book that way, and its so handy to be able to pull the iPad out of my jacket (scottEvest) and type directly into the book instead of waiting 5 minutes for my netbook to boot up

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    • Ben Pilkington says:

      There is something seriously wrong with your netbook if it takes 5 minutes to boot up. There are netbooks out with dual core processors, ati/nvidia graphics and 5-9 hours of life, the netbook market has come on in leaps and bounds in 2010.

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  12. aileen says:

    there are some situations where a tablet is better, some where a netbook is more suitable. i know that im considering buying a netbook as a lighter, more efficient alternative to my laptop for taking notes in class. a tablet would be more useful when travelling though – where its more about keeping up with whats happening, quick info, portability and the interface needs to be more responsive.
    i dont think there is one that is better than the other overall – it all depends on the situation.

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  13. Kakynologyst says:

    Typically users of iPad alike tablet do not use it for productive purpose but rather more of procrastination activities like social networking, gaming etc.

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  14. Cinimod says:

    I feel that tablets and netbooks are totally different. Netbooks are more suited for productivity due to the physical keyboard. It also has a hard disk drive for more storage capabilities. Tablets are more for leisure purposes, with the nice touchscreen experience and the apps.

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  15. Dogs in heat says:

    The battery seems to be a 16 cell not a 12 cell. You are right – Flash drive makes a lot os sense. The booklet with all the above corrections would probably hit the $900+ mark incl. tax. The hardware has definitely been compromised … probably because of commercial reasons (explains the Wintel). Going forward I see ARM/Qualcomm OR Pineview/Win7 smartbook with improved features.

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  16. MarkyGA says:

    You’ve gotta ask yourself… what do you gain by purchasing an iPad (or other tablet) if you already have a netbook? The main answer… bragging rights. Sorry, but I laugh my head off at early adopters, aka chumps. I paid 200 bucks for my iPhone instead of SIX hundred by waiting for a year and a half. That’s what I call sensible.

    Meanwhile, AFA all these new tablet devices are concerned, I see VERY little gain over my Acer netbook, which has a FIVE HOUR battery. I know from the get go that YouTube, Flash videos, MS Office, printing via wifi, etc etc will ALL work on my netbook WITHOUT having to scramble for additional apps. And If I want to watch a movie on a long flight, I KNOW that a DVD will play perfectly in my little external USB DVD writer. And so on and so on.

    So, to sum up (and pardon the rant), anyone who currently owns a netbook is, for the most part, throwing money away to buy a tablet. It just doesn’t make fiscal sense. Period.

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  17. John Davies says:

    DVD movie can be transferred to USB flash drive or SDHC card for direct use on netbook.

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  18. I personally like the Netbook more, because it is easier to use compared to a tablet pc, especially when you are writing something. On those tablet pcs, when you are writing, the screen keyboard takes almost all the space of the screen, and you can hardly see what you were writing a few sentences ago, but with a netbook, you can see the whole page of the document where you are writing. This is my opinion.

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  19. Matty G says:

    I have a netbook and my sister has an ipad. They are both good for different things. I do think my netbook is better though, because of the keyboard and os.

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  20. websmile says:

    well, had for long a craze to the new tablet called ‘adam’ and as i couldn’t wait anymore i just brought an archos 101 android tablet, which in comparison is smaller and lighter. all this because i thought it would be way more comfortable to consume evenings on the couch or handy to transport to my way to the office. but oh my, didn’t take me a week and i’m back to my samsung netbook n150. no glossy screen, holds itself on the side of the couch or on the lap and is just much faster to handle than on the tablet. keep on holding that device in your hands for more than 30 min’s and you have a cramp in your arms (and you need to keep it at a certain angle to have a good view, keep in mind – though, this might be much better on ipad, but then, it’s heavier) and than all the restrictions you have in comparison to the windows platform. not that i don’t like android and the ‘free’ ideology behind it, seems great, but for someone who has dealt for almost 20 yrs with windows, it just doesn’t seem ripe and comparable yet. one thing was really great on the tablet (and keep on using it for that only) is angry birds, that rocks on a tablet. but then, all the other games you get on the market app are more or less crap (graphically, not the games itself). figure, i’m just sitting on my couch and writing all this, forget about on the tab, it would take just too much time and become frustrating. not, i stay with my netbook, way better and more performant. if you just want to read, quick browse, have a fast game and look a movie, go with the tablet, but has it’s price.

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  21. Joe says:

    Well I guess if this is an Ipad debate… Most android phones have more power, just smaller screens than the iPad. So why buy an ipad? Because it’s cool, and people who can’t be bothered with technology want to be cool.

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  22. Justin says:

    um… where, what??? the most successful tablet so for, the ipad, runs on iOS, not Android OS. So i’m just here trying to figure out how you could say that most tablets run on Android when most tablets that people have are ipads.

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  23. abu says:

    hi i am considering a net book acer aspire one or a Samsung galaxy but i don’t know what to buy , i want to use the device for writing documents most of the time and of course surfing the net which one is good for me cause i don’t know what to choose pliz help me choose

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    • If documents are your main priority, get a netbook. If you prefer multitouch web browsing over standard computer browsing, get a tablet.

      In this situation, I’ld get a touchscreen netbook and emulate Android on it. Ta-da! Problem solved.

      Sent from my MSi

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  24. brandon says:

    well..i will not spend $500 more for a netbook only cost me $239 and its run windows 7, i own an android phone with 4 inch screen, if i need a tablet i just buy magnifier, android and IOS are mobile OS, they are far away inferior to windows period…

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  25. Eric says:

    Buy a desktop when you need power.
    Buy a laptop when you need portability while requiring similar performance as a desktop does.
    Buy a netbook when you need portability.
    Buy a tablet when you really need portability or have additional money to spend.

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  26. kay says:

    I like your reviews…really an excellent piece of contributions with limited biases.
    My wife has a Samsung Galaxy tab, which we’re both very proud of..
    I’m typing my view from my Netbook(Acer Aspire one)at the comfort of my bed.
    Tablets generally are like big phones with gadgets for a good leisure time.
    However, they’re creeping into the world of productive devices successfully..
    with functions usable at home,while driving,on board,on the move,on the pulpit,etc..
    Their batteries can last for one or more days away from power source on a light use.
    At home,we only use the galaxy tab as mifi for our laptop & netbook -its a good modem!
    The moment we’re out of power for a really long time the tablet comes handy, though not
    without a drag with my netbook. When we’re in church,it’s the tablet & my Nokia5800
    So you can imagine the main purpose here -it’s for a very strict mobility.
    Netbooks however, will not give you the “miss u feel” of your laptop when on the move.
    I feel extremely comfortable with my netbook typing/surfing the internet than the galaxy.
    And I feel more comfortable with the galaxy or my phone in my back pocket on the move.
    >A good phone + netbook + laptop = no need for a tablet.
    >A tablet + keyboard + laptop = no need for a netbook
    Thus it all ends up at how much you can afford or how much you can manage.
    Note that any tablet more than 7″ is as bulky as a netbook and you’ll need a bag.
    Here is the future:
    Imagine netbooks as thin as today’s tablets but with the same capacity with today’s laptops.
    Imagine tablets thinner still, and with the same capacity with today’s laptops.
    Imagine extremely thin laptops with super great abilities.

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  27. Crystal says:

    I like netbooks a lot better.

    First of all, I really need a keyboard for everything I do. Now I realize the iPad 2 has an external keyboard, but it still doesn’t give me the same solid comfort of a netbook when I use it.

    I actively dislike touchscreen technology, though I obviously have touchscreen devices. My circulation is poor and my hands are very cold, so often I can’t operate the touchscreens at all. That makes tablets next to useless.

    Then you have to consider the file organization. A netbook has the same file organization as a regular computer, and I happen to be very attached to it. A tablet just sort of…stores things. They’re all kept in the same place, sure you can organize, but not in the same way.

    And when it comes down to it all, if I was going to get a tablet I think we all must agree the iPad would have to be the one to get. But I really dislike Apple. I don’t like their products, the way they run their business, anything. I refuse to support them.

    So for me, a netbook is better.

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  28. james braselton says:

    hi there here it comes in multi part anser depends on what type of netbook hdd or ssd netbook useing solid state flash storage or slow hard drives hard drive netbook have are slow as christmax and hard drives have high failuarare too spinning while in motion damage spining platers and are only 5,400 rpms at 54 mb read and 20 mb write speeds a ssd netbook has zero moving parts and have fast read write speeds of 200 mb/s read 100 mb/s write crhome books alwsoume macbook air 275 mb/s read 250 mb/s write speeds tablets flash storage has fast read write speeds i say fastest acesss data is best computing device when will we get terabytes per second read write speeds and a warp drive hard drive thats acess faster then light speed

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  29. jonooo says:

    i am looking for a netbook or tablet for christmas but cant decide which one to get i will be using it for you tube and facebok only and wont be typing loads so can anyone recommend which would be the best one to get???

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    • George Marsh says:

      I have a Android 4.0 10″ screen with a case that has keyboard, not sure maybe should have got a small pc what do you think thanks georeg

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  30. Danae says:

    Hey! I want a netbook after reading all your comments and this review but I was wondering whether a touchscreen netbook would be a good idea. Is it the same as a normal netbook or will it be more like a large tablet? Because I was wanting a tablet but I’ve decided against it. What are some good touchscreen netbooks that I don’t have to pay an arm or leg? Or what is the best netbook?

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