The iPhone 5 Unveiled: Apple’s Answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S III


Technology Giant Apple Inc. has finally unveiled the iPhone 5 on Wednesday. Apple has disclosed that by the next week iPhone 5 will be hitting the market, to be displayed on shelves. Coming fast on the heels of similar smartphones delivery from other leading names like Samsung and Nokia, Apple looks forward to take on its market sales with this gadget. The cost of the iPhone will vary as per the version 16 GB to 64 GB ranging from $199 to $399.

Thinner, Larger, and Faster Smartphone

The Apple innovation has a taller display screen designed to facilitate better viewing, and it will provide incredible speed of information accessing. It is the thinnest smartphone device with a much improved battery life. The new mobile device is contending against the market holder Samsung Galaxy S III mobile devices which actually operates on the Android OS. The rivalry against Google has resulted in Apple implementing its own mapping technology thus, letting go of its rival’s services in this arena.

4G LTE Network Support

Supporting 4G LTE networks for improvised functionality, the new iPhone 5 gadget is Apple’s argument against Google’s Android system orientation. There is a spurt of fresh arrivals in the mobile market including Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola’s mobile phones, which are a strong competition for Apple’s new smartphone. Whether Apple technologies will upbeat Galaxy S III will be ascertained in, the following week to come.

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