Top 10 Features of the Playbook You Won’t Find on the iPad


The Apple iPad is no doubt a great mobile device to work with. Apple being one of the leading manufacturers as well, it is only natural that it pulls in a lot more user interest as compared to other tablet brands. But few users know that later tablets such as the BlackBerry PlayBook are as good, and in fact even better in some respects, than the Apple iPad.

BlackBerry Playbook vs. Apple iPad

In this article, we bring you top 10 features of the PlayBook that you will not find on the iPad.

  1. The PlayBook has an OMAP 4430 processor, which is more powerful than Apple’s A5. Also, this tablet comes with an impressive 1GB RAM, which is far more than the iPad.
  2. The PlayBook has built-in Flash and HTML5 capability, which makes for a fantastic web browsing experience. It is also capable of multitasking in the true sense.
  3. The PlayBook includes native support for HDMI, so you do not have to invest that extra money in an accessory.
  4. Though 4G is really “in” today, it does not become an absolute necessity especially if your device supports WiFi. The PlayBook does support both 4G and WiFi, and so, there is virtually no problem as regards connectivity.
  5. Smaller means more portable. The 7” display that the PlayBook offers makes it very convenient to carry around and use. It also offers users plenty of interesting and useful apps, especially tailored for the enterprise sector. Most of these apps are also very versatile and work with multiple OS’. It can, for example, run Android apps without being an Android device.
  6. Though Honeycomb is much sought-after these days, the OS is not open source and may exhibit compatibility problems. QNX, on the other hand, is something that has been around for a long time and that app developers can be absolutely sure of programming for.
  7. The PlayBook has two 1080p HD cameras, one 3MP front-facing and one 5MP rear-facing camera. The iPad has none of these, which is a definite minus for it.
  8. The PlayBook offers smooth and seamless integration with your BlackBerry smartphone. This means that synchronizing info on both your devices is easy as cake. In contrast, the iPad cannot be tethered with any Apple or other device.
  9. The PlayBook offers seamless integration with AIR and Adobe Reader, thereby offering users a complete Reader experience, unparalleled by none.
  10. The pricing structure for both the PlayBook and the iPad is much the same. The pricing of both brands revolves round the device’s storage capacity. But considering the extra hardware and amazing apps that you get with the former, it is relatively cheaper priced than the iPad.

Can you think of any other reasons why the BlackBerry PlayBook is more desirable than the Apple iPad? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to voice your opinions!

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  1. someone says:

    don’t forget about stereo speaker

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  2. george says:

    indeed the ipad is a very nice device to begin with. nonetheless i have been using my playbook for one month now and i must say that there is nothing i miss from the ipad. on the contrary i find playbook to be more versatile and especially when the android apps are open to use (hopefully within the next 3weeks) it will be of much more use than the ipad. the size makes playbook an all around machine. it will be able to function as gps as well which is something i really am looking forward to.
    i have reduced use of my laptop by at leasr 30% , and can use my pb for work.
    battery life is another very important feature i find my pb better than the ipad.
    use for presentations in work meetings is also a strong point. connectivity on projectors or screens is a walk in the park
    weight is much better (otherwise i can have my laptop with me so why get a tablet)
    it is more a tool than an accessory, with the i pad i had some (maybe he is playing around looks) at working environments where the bb is been seen as a useful work oriented tool so i am more comfortable in taking it out on the table.
    i can check my phone status and incoming calls without pulling out my torch
    the security for work server etc is excellent (although we misr recognise that the very security makes it hard to set up the pb om work servers but the very essence of targeting security is achieved, an ipad was a huge no-way-i-am-letting you use that by any security conscious it person on our enterprise.
    word excel and ppt are integrated so i can worm with them.
    i can have real time chat through bbm which is an open line secure at all times

    none of the ipad apps has really been a great use bug rather enhancements and play arounds so i see no reduced functionality in reality only less play and less show off, but the potential of the pb is higher on that and i think that if someone is looking for this factor soon they will be more than happy(i dobnot consider it a factor anyway)
    lastly it is more economical in use because i can use my bb mobile bis or bes service to browse the web (obviously slower than the wifi but does the job) instead of having an extra data plan expence for the no wifi access moments. for those without bis you can sti tether the phone data plan to your bb playbook and go on to surf.

    endurance: i have already the unhappy moment of dropping my pb… NOTHING happened to it. its size weight and volume i think make it more resistant but personally (totally objective perception) i believe of bb materials and construction to more durable to the apple ones.

    this is my input and closing, i say to all these anti-playbook people to keep a low tone because the power and potential of the tablet are great and when rim delivers the updates and patches necessary (and up to now they have always delivered) this little tablet will demonstrate is capacity in full and then lots of people will have to edit or ammend their blogs or articles or invent other stories and lame exfuses for their precipitated slamming of what in my opinion is a wonderful piece of hardware!

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  3. jeng reyes says:

    wow… specs-wise, m gonna go w/ a bb playbook… features r way above the ipad… tnx george!

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  4. andrea says:

    So .. BB tablet is better or not than Ipad ?? What about Ipad 2??
    I really don’t know what to buy .. and I don’t know anything about technology ..

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    • jeng reyes says:

      i’ve checked the prices & features of both bb playbook & ipad2… same price for 16gig but the screen of ipad2 is much bigger than bb playbook but BBPB can be connected to a tv bcoz it has HDMI, good for showing pix/vids on a bigger screen. rear camera of ipad2 is 3MP, while BBPB is 5MP. the front cam of ipad2 is 2MP while BBPB is 3MP.
      BBPB is very handy, but screen is small for a tablet w/ a lot of apps on use at the same time. BBPB is better bcoz it has flash, w/c if ur a gamer, is a big plus since a lot of games on the net r flash-based… therefore making ur gaming experience a superb one coz u can play, say for example cityville, on BBPB like u do on laptop/desktop. hope my small input helps. good day!

      (this is just my personal opinion, am nt uber-techie, so bear w/ me. lol)

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  5. cool guy says:

    Well I need some help with what to buy!
    I want to know if I should get Blackberry Playbook or iPad 2?
    These are the things I want: (PLEASE SOMEONE HELP WITH IF I SHOULD GET IPAD 2 OR BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK! someone reply to this comment and help!)
    I want:
    A colourful and quite big screen
    A good quality camera that takes a pic of you and the otherside (what is in front of you)
    Cool apps like games and entertainment and utilities
    Books Books AND MORE FREE BOOKS PLUS would be awesome if books were free
    And wifi so there is fast internet
    internet games that u can play using wifi
    thats it
    hope u can reply and tell me if i should get ipad2 or bb playbook

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  6. ahmed says:

    its great tab

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