Why the Mac Mini is Better than Competitors


Apple has now upgraded its much sought-after Mac Mini, adding
many desirable qualities to it. Though it has received mixed reviews, the
general trend seems to show that this device will grab a fair share of the
market and turn out a formidable force against the competition. Here is why the
Mac Mini is better than its competitors.

Apple’s Mac Mini got a Makeover

  • Though not very different to the original in terms of
    design, the device includes a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and a much larger
    hard drive.
  • The Nvidia G9400M graphic chip makes for a far better graphic
    and gaming experience for users than most other brands and models. Even the
    previous Mac Mini was found lacking in this department.
  • The new Mac Mini, for the first time, supports two displays
    and powerful enough internal hardware to sustain its multiple features.
  • The upgraded Mac Mini is capable of multitasking, which
    means it can run several processes at one and the same time, without
    compromising processor power or speed.
  • Each of the new Mac Mini devices comes with an updated iLife
    ’09 Suite, which is a definite plus.
  • The rear panel features an additional USB port, thereby
    making it a total of five ports, a single FireWire 800 port, Mini DVI input and
    Mini DisplayPort input.
  • You can purchase a decent Mac Mini with all the new features
    at $599, which is not a bad price at all, considering the several features it
    offers. Additional storage and accessories can be purchased at nominal extra
  • The product also scores because it is far more energy efficient
    than most of the other similar devices in the market.
  • As with all the other products from Apple, the new Mac Mini
    comes with a standard one-year warranty, one-year parts-and-labor coverage and
    also access to other convenient features such as online support, online service
    assistance, Apple Store Genius support and so on.

In conclusion, though there are many brands that come lesser expensive than
the new Mac Mini, the fact remains that this particular device scores in terms
of sheer power and performance. Considering the above features that this particular
device offers, it would definitely not come as a surprise if it eventually emerges
as the market leader.


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