Apple’s iPhone 4/4S (Product) Red Bumper Released


Apple has released the Red protective cover for its iPhone 4s and iPhone 4Ss adding to its rich collection of protective accessory product line. The Red-bumper product line started out with the Red iPod edge protective case, which was released a while back.

The Red Project

Project Red started out with the Red iPod, and a part of the proceeds from the sales of the protective gear for gadgets was given to charity. The program has been a success in February this year it was announced that the project Red generated USD $50 million in sales!

Other iPhone 4/4S Bumpers

The Red bumper is the latest in the line of bumper protective accessories released for the iPhones. They come in different colors- black, white, blue, pink, green, and orange. The bumpers are made of molded plastic and durable rubber, and the color is dual toned. The bumper covers the edges and will retain accessibility to buttons the front and back panels are always open and accessible.

All of them retail at $29 excluding shipping. If you are ordering from the internet, you will get it within 4 to 6 business days. Get the Red bumper now by visiting your nearest Apple store and contribute to Apple’s charity efforts too.

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