Leaked Images of HTC M8 Case Indicate Possibility of Ultrapixel Camera with Dual Sensors


HTC-M8-back-coverGadgets world has its string of expectations from HTC’s new smartphone. While the company is tight lipped as yet about the launch date as well as features of this product, there is no end to speculations and leaks about the HTC M8. For starters, the launch date is expected around March 2014. HTC M8 is also referred as HTC one two and HTC one +.


There are images of HTC M8’s case doing rounds in the market. Based on these images, it is obvious that the device has dual sensors. Some gizmo experts believe that these could be used for fingerprint identification. A report from Bloomberg is, however, suggesting that these sensors may have something to do with the camera on the device. If these sensors are camera related, then the device could generate high quality images, with enough field depth and superior focusing capabilities.

Bloomberg’s report also indicates that the device would have advanced UltraPixel setup. According to this report, the display size of HTC one max would not be less than 5 inches. It may be recalled that HTC one max has a display size of 5.9 inches, whereas HTC one has a display size of 4.7 inches. Bloomberg, however, has added that external features of HTC One Two and HTC One would be alike, which leaves the market where it started.


Bloomberg’s report goes on to suggest that the processor in this device would also be an advanced version of Snapdragon. The processor in HTC One is Snapdragon 600. The market is left to wonder whether the report was referring to Snapdragon 800 or the more recent Snapdragon 805.


It is all about speculation since there is nothing concrete to rely upon. Market for smartphones is slowly saturating. Even so, manufacturers are only focusing on improving features, which may not prompt people to discard their existing handsets in favor of a new one. HTC too has to add something new if it wants to retain its foothold.

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