Nexus 7 Smart Cover Coming with Magnetic Display Sleep Feature


Now the Google Nexus tablet will have a smart cover too not only will it snap off shut and cover the display but also the magnetic nature of the cover will put the tablet to sleep in hardly a wink! The SD TabletWear case designed for the Android Nexus line of tablet will come out from MobileFun UK.

What are Magnetic Smart Covers?

Normally laptops you have the feature to put the system to sleep once you close the hatch. These magnetic, smart covers are similar tweaks, and among tablets, you will find them for the iPad 2 and the iPad 3. These magnetic responsive casings for the Nexus 7 are just like that, which are available for the iPads. Magnetic casings in the form of smart cover are so useful that they are going to be a vital accessory for high-end phones and tablets in time to come.

TabletWear Smart Covers

There are two different cases, which were unveiled, one of them a SmartCase and the other one is a ‘stand and type’ case. The casings are hard and are made of reinforced materials, so do not fear about dropping the gadgets. Both cases are available for sale from the online shop of MobileFun UK.

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