Self Painting Dress Designed By A Dutch Designer


Ink Dress

A Dutch designer has designed a dress which connects fashion and technology together. It is a unique dress which has got valves. The valves are used for pumping the ink to create different patterns.

Anouk Wipprecht came up with this unique thought and she turned it into a self painting dress. This dressed is known as ‘Pseudomorph’.

The neck piece allows the ink to flow through the dress and the flowing ink thus creates different patterns. There are electronic circuits which control the flowing of ink through the valves and those circuits are powered by a 9-volt battery.

Many designers are now trying to connect fashion and technology, this dress seriously mixed the two different industries in a very unique way.

The dress has got two parts the fabric and the accessory made from the repurposed medical equipment. The designer brought both the parts together to blend fashion and technology in a simple and elegant manner.

You can check this dress in the video mentioned below -

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[via wired]

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  1. Well, this looks really innovative to me. Hope, this will make a revolution in the dress painting industry. BTW thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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