Thinnest cases by iSkin for iPhone5 to boost Wi-Fi signals immensely


Till date there is no smartphone gadget better than those running on iOS, namely the iPhone5. The new cases iSkin will be the right concoction of style and technology. They are made to enhance rather than decrease the performance of the iPhone5 devises.

Incredibly 0.4mm thick

‘The Skin’ as apple calls it is among the thinnest cases measuring merely 0.4mm. Their constituent is poly carbonate polymer, and it is scratch and puncture resistant. They additionally enhance the look of the iPhone with its sleek appearance. Other features of the iSkin are 360 degree protection both front and rear, ultra clear shield for screen.

Iskin slims to boost Wi-Fi signals

The cases have been marketed with the promise of boosting the Wi-Fi signals by fifty per cent. Apple calls it Absolute Technology via which the ‘Linkase’ will act as an antenna externally.

Priced at $34.99 the case comes in options like wood, chevron and camouflage with vibrant colors like black, grey, white, blue and red. It has a rubber back working as anti-skid and shock absorbent. Its dimensions are specifically 126.7x 61.4x 9.77mm.

It is sure that the iSkin cases will be surely helpful to the iPhone users for preserving the excellent features.

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