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Kindle Fire is the newest offering from Amazon as the eBook device now acts more like a tablet instead of just a pure eBook reader. Like all the previous Kindle, there are also a lot of accessories available such as cases, earphones and many more. Here are some accessories worth looking at as well.

Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware

At only $29.99, the Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware can be considered a protective gear for the Kindle Fire as it has three protective layers. In addition to that, it also doubles as a Kindle Fire stand as well. The product is light as it is made of polycarbonate but don’t let that fooled you. It is just as good as the heavy ones as well.

BUILT Kindle Fire Slim Neoprene Sleeve

This Scatter Dot themed sleeve is definitely attractive. Those that want other designs can choose from 5 other themes as well. At only $24.99, little can go wrong with it.

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin – Flower of Fire

Decalgirl has produced a lot of Kindle skins before and that service has been forwarded to Kindle Fire as well. Best of all, it cost only $19.99 and it comes with both the skin as well as the wallpaper which can be retrieved online as well.

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