Amazon to allow trade-in for old devices


Trading in products has been the culture of doing business for as long as anyone could remember. After all, it all started with the barter system before there was such a thing as cash. Amazon which is one of the biggest online retailers in the world decided to join this age old tradition as it offer its customers to trade in any of their used devices provided that it can still be used in exchange for its gift card.

As of date, there are 120 devices available for trade-in although most of these devices aren’t age old but rather new ones in fact as the oldest one that we can see is the 1st generation Kindle model. Some of the devices that can be traded-in is all of the old Kindle models, iPod touch, various tablets and a lot more gadgets.

To some, the amount of money in terms of gift cards that they’ll be receiving isn’t that much as compared with selling them on eBay for example but it is great for those who are avid Amazon shoppers or those that simply have too many gadgets around the house. Nevertheless, it would be a good gift to give to the loved ones especially if you have no idea on what to get them.

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