Desktops to have for the holidays


The upcoming holiday is a time for gifts. Those that have a lenient budget may definitely have all sorts of things on their mind to get for their loved ones, including a new desktop. Desktop are considered a must have for any household or even for students who are looking for a higher performance computer. Here are some desktops that are worth considering getting for the holidays.

Dell Inspiron One

Starting at a price of $699.99 for the cheapest version of the Dell Inspiron One, this all-in-one touchscreen desktop is great to have for anyone. Its 23-inch screen will mean that users will have a big screen for their usage. The highest spec for this all-in-one desktop is not to be messed with as it is just as good as any other PC out there.

HP Pavilion Slimline Series

Sleek defines the HP Pavilion Slimline series as it not only looks good but packs a punch in terms of performance as well. The lowest spec is available at a price of $349.99 albeit without monitor. The highest specs include a quad-core processor but it has to be customized. Expect to pay big bucks for these kinds of setups. Nevertheless, it is one great desktop to have.

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