Gadget gift ideas for Christmas


Christmas is a time for joy and forgiveness but it is also a time of presents as well. Gifts can be in terms of cards or even gadgets. Here are some excellent gadgets to give your loved ones, all with a price tag of less than $300.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire tablet is certainly something worth going into especially with its $199 price tag. It is quite powerful as well with its dual-core processor and the IPS screen makes viewing a pleasure. Backed by Amazon, little could go wrong with this tablet.

EcoSol Powerstick with Memory

A USB thumb drive which also doubles as a charger is quite unheard of until the release of the EcoSol Powerstick. It allows the user to charge their mobile devices such as the iPad or any other smartphones that has a compatible connector with the EcoSol Powerstick. It starts at a price of $70.

GoPro Camera HD HERO2

For $299.99, it may be one of the best cameras to have for those wanting to shoot extreme sports. It is also a powerful camera as well with its 11MP sensor and is capable of shooting Full HD videos or even those at 120 frames per second on a WVGA setting.

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