Gift ideas for Mac users


There are certainly a lot of people using Mac and there are also tons of accessories available for Mac devices. May it be by Apple or a third-party company, users can be rest assured that a lot of these are quite entertaining as well.


iLife is a combination of three great software which are the iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. These three applications are great for media composition and GarageBand is definitely a must have for music enthusiasts. iMovie on the other hand allows for a quick movie creation with ease found in not many movie editing software. iLife is available at only $49.

Aperture 3

Adobe Lightroom is definitely a powerful application but Aperture 3 is just as powerful and it has full compatibility with Mac as well. It is a great application to organize all the photographs that a user may have and editing them can be done with ease. At $199.00, it is still $100 cheaper than Lightroom.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

With its price of $499.95, it isn’t affordable or economical to everyone especially since it is only a pair of speakers. However, those that get one of these need not worry as Bowers & Wilkins are one of the best manufacturers in the world and the MM-1 reflects this judgment

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