Google Play gift cards readily available now


Gift cards can be considered one of the best things to give for an occasion. This is because through a gift card, you don’t have to worry whether it will be relevant or not because the individual itself will choose the gift. When it comes to software gift cards, Apple is still in the lead with its Apple App Store gift cards but it seems that Google is also interested in venturing into this field and thus the Google Play gift card comes into play.

Google has just announced the release of its Google Play gift cards and right now, you can get the Google Play gift cards in the United States only. Thus, it means that it might just work with accounts that are tied with the aforementioned country only. As of date, the only stores that will be packing these gift cards include Radio Shack, Target and GameStop although it is expected that more companies will follow suit.

As far as the denominations is concerned, you can get a gift card for as low as $10 to $25 and $50 denominations as well. Anything can be purchased from the Google Play store and this includes movies as well as songs in addition to applications.

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