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Have you ever thought of developing your own gadget? If yes, then 90% of you must have dropped the idea thinking that its kind of impossible. But, I found a gadget which is extremely cool and rocking, and the thing that I love the most is that it is easy to develop.

Introduction to the Colgate Wisp Quick Draw Gadget:

This gadget helps one to get rid of bad breath easily. One can make his mouth fresh within seconds with this particular gadget.

Material Required:

A lot of material isn’t required for this gadget, it can be developed with the basic material which is available almost everywhere.

Here is a video tutorial to develop your own Colgate Wisp Quick Draw Gadget:

Original video uploaded by: kipkay.

I hope you will like the tutorial and will give it a try, I will be sharing more cool tutorials which will help you guys to develop a new gadget easily. I’ll try to add a gadget video on a regular basis, stay in touch.

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  1. Justin says:

    You have to wonder what this guy was smoking when he thought of building this device. The second question that comes to my mind is if he’s smoking something that good where can I get some?

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