iCub Robot – Learns to aim with a Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]


iCub Robot

Do you think that robots will ever take over this world? No? You might start thinking this way after watching the video in which iCub Robot learns to aim.

You can watch the Video featuring the iCub robot. The following video shows that the robot is learning to aim with the bow and arrow –

iCub robot at the Italian Institute of Technology was able to hit the bullseye with his 8th shot, that isn’t easy for a human either.

iCub is an open source robot which is based on the ARCHER (Augmented Reward Chained Regression) Algorithm and it was funded by European Commission.

Do you still think that robots are not as good as us? Check these out –

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[via motherboard]

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3 Responses

  1. Akash,

    This robot is not at all advanced… It is still learning to aim with a bow and an arrow… :P??

    Chitti, the Robot has even started to love Aishwarya..

    And yes, after watching Endhiran, I can believe that Robots will rule the world one day 😀

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    • Akash Malik says:

      Haha, cool. BTW, it is hard to believe that a robot can actually hit the bullseye within 8 tries. Anyways, you can also check the other two robots which I mentioned in the above article. 🙂

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  2. prajeesh says:

    This is new one. But the advanced robotics may cause dangerous things.
    @aman I too watched Enthiran, that robot is most advanced level, I don’t know who is developing like rajini.

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