Mini Robot Choromet 2 Doing Yoga Moves (Video)


Humanoid Robot Doing Yoga

You must have already seen our previous Gadget Videos, one of them was about a robot I Sobot and this time we are back with something similar but better.

Have you ever seen a robot doing yoga moves? I bet you would have never even though about it in your wildest dreams. Check out this Humanoid performing different yoga moves with perfection.

This mini robot is just amazing, isn’t it? Here is some more information from Crunch Gear –

the little guy has four joints in each arm, six in each leg and one each in his head and neck. Users can plug him into their PCs via USB 2.0 to program moves.

General Robotix will start selling Choromet 2 in Japan starting next month (price: $1,170).

You can check out more videos of this Choromet 2 here (click this).

We will be adding up more Gadget Videos shortly, keep reading New Gadget.

[via crunch gear]

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