The Geekiest Marriage Proposal – Proposal with an iPhone [VIDEO]


iPhone Proposal

Proposing a girl for marriage isn’t as easy as it looks, but geeks are lucky, they can always make use of Technology to make their difficult task look simpler.

One might simplify his task by taking some technical help, but Chad Clay (a.k.a. BB Bling) made it even more difficult. In September 2010, Chad and Vy (Chad’s girlfriend) went to a theatre to watch a movie. The most unexpected thing happened there. At the time of commercials, a video was played. The video was looking like an iPhone commercial but it turned out to be a video proposal made by Chad.

The video was developed by using iPhone applications and it took him 4 months to complete. The video shows Chad’s love for his girlfriend, you can watch this video below –

Chad proposed his girlfriend on September 5th 2010 and on the very next day, this video was uploaded on youtube.

Here are a few words from the guy –

At the end where the video sent the text message, Vy actually received that same text message from my phone. At that moment I got down on one knee, looked at Vy and said “Vy, you’re my best friend, I love you so much and I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?”

What could be better? The girl accepted his proposal and the audience applauded.

Wish you a happy married life guys and thanx for the inspiring idea Chad, this will surely bring in some more geeky marriage proposals in the near future.

[via edible apple]

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