7 inch Gaming Tab from WikiPad at an irresistible Price


The WikiPad 7 inch gaming device, running on the latest Jellybean OS with Tegra 3 technology in it is priced at $250. It is common to have touch screen operations in tablets but often physical buttons give better gaming experience. So WikiPad has come up with this unique idea of this tab.

Apart from the physical controls

If we ignore the physical controls, this works more like the normal tabs. It has a high resolution display, 1280x800p to be more precise, with other features like front camera and rugged 4100mAH battery. As you are aware, it has a Tegra 3 chip. The RAM is 1GB with internal storage of 16 GB. Well if you want it can be expanded to 32 GB with the card slots.

Similarity with other gaming gadgets

This tab is remarkably close to the consoles like the Wii U, but it has a different OS. It has been endowed with a PlayStation certification is good enough so that you can play the ones you like.

WikiPad was preparing to launch the 10 inch tab, but seems we will have to wait for some time still to see that gadget!

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