‘Air Patriots’ First Mobile Game Released By Amazon


Amazon has entered into the mobile gaming arena by releasing the game “Air Patriots” based on the strategy air defense. The online giant has released the first mobile-based game that is meant for both the Google android and Apple iOS devices.

Air Patriots- a strategic game

Amazon Game Studio was launched in the summer this year, and the first game Living Classic was there on the Facebook. Air Patriots is a kind of strategy defense game in which a path is drawn for fending off the attacking tanks. It is quite an enjoyable game, as the player has to set strategy for directing the traffic and setting the aircraft for diverting and destroying the enemy’s tanks.

Company’s view

Ramirez, Amazon Game Studio’s executive producer said that the game has been made to appeal many players who can engage themselves in making strategies. The game is straightforward and easy as one can easily draw the paths for the planes. Apart from simplicity the game is challenging and mind boggling also so that game enthusiast can enjoy every bit of it.

Android gadgets users have given three star ratings on an average, the down rating is because the Nexus 7 support is lacking.

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