Angry Birds Animation [VIDEO]


Angry Birds Animation

Who doesn’t love ‘Angry Birds‘? I guess most of you must already be a big fan of this game. But if you haven’t tried ‘Angry Birds’ yet, then you’re safe else you’ll get addicted to it in the same way as millions of other people already are.

I just found a video which was uploaded on youtube   recently and I want to share it with you people. The title of the video is ‘Angry Birds Animation’ and being an animator, I found it interesting. I know how much time and efforts do we have to make to make an animation go live. It isn’t always easy to live up to the expectations of people every time until you have got a big team of yours. I personally appreciate the efforts of Gregory Cortez and his friends/team members who actually worked hard to entertain us. Now it’s time to take a look at Gregory’s hard work, here it is –

The description of this video tells that this is a level of the original game which is reconstructed using construction paper and stop motion. So, it must have taken up a lot of time and efforts. It isn’t as easy and simple as it looks like.

I doubt that you might find it boring or something, but if you look into the depth of the video, you’ll see that the developers did a great job there and I am sure that they will surely be bringing in even better videos in the future.

In the end, I would surely love to know your personal thoughts about this video, do remember to share your views by using the comment box below the post.

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