Angry Birds soon landing in space on March 22


It would be a countdown for bird lovers, eh! More appropriately of Angry birds lovers. The angry birds are ready to launch into outer space. The makers of angry birds have announced a new series of the game. The new angry bird’s game has more stages that are exciting. It is planned to be released on 22 March. The Angry Birds Space has a lot to do with its lovers, so get ready and pack your seat for the new adventure.

New stages of the Angry Birds

Game maker Rovio told that there are many hidden surprises leaving few aspects that are same as the earlier version. Full information about this new game is still not clear, but Rovio was posting 20-second video. The photo showed the moon with a single -shot that overlooked the earth. The gamer, Rovio said that, this season of angry birds is the biggest launched game compared to the earlier version of the angry birds.

Gadgets to work with

With the launch of angry birds Space, other publishing will also be done like animation & retail products. The new angry birds will be working on gadgets like Android, Mac computers, PC’s and in iOS devices. The earlier version of angry birds, i.e. angry Birds Rio has been the greatest hits.

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