Bad Piggies- New Game Launched by Angry Birds


Rovio, the Angry Birds maker is all set to counter the increase in energy of these birds by bringing in the Bad Piggies, this September. Slated to release on the 27 of this month, this new mobile device oriented game sides the baddies, making you play against the variously colored but emotion-filled birds. Therefore, if you are not an angry bird anymore and sympathize with the hounded pigs, then this game is just right for your sensitive senses.

Pigs Rule

The answer to the fan-followers question of `what about those poor dear pigs?’ is the turn-about `here come the bad piggies’. According to Rovio press release, the most popular demand for the birdie game has resulted in the firm giving thought to the admirers’ voice. The idea has thus, shaped into the opposite version of the famous video game pastime.

The pigs are in for a blast, as this new game will not feature the infamous weapon – the sling shot. All support is for the Bad Piggies as they are ready to prove their might with the defensive program. The new game will initially be compatible with Android, iOS and Mac systems. Later on, experience it on other gadgets, like Windows Mobile, Windows 8, and other PCs.

Added Birdie Space Program

Few more sensational add-ons, to the existing game are also expected to be added! The updated Angry Birds Space will sport 20 levels in Mars with the Red Planet stage release. Wait for another bird – the pink-feathered fowl to support the bird attacks. Check online for the Bad Piggies trailer.

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