BBC iPlayer Now in Xbox


The popular on-demand TV service from BBC- iPlayer will now be available in the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console. The iPlayer was launched back in 2007 and created a revolution in the catch-up TV. It has taken about three years for BBC to crack the deal with Microsoft. The iPlayer will obviously be using the kinect system- enabling interacting via gestures and voice, which has been the stand-out feature of the gaming console.

The BBC iPlayer 

The iPlayer is an internet TV and radio service. According to BBC, the iPlayer was viewed about 433 million times in TV gadgets, in 2011 accounting for about 25 percent of the requests. By 2015, BBC estimates that less than 50 percent requests will be from PCs- the rest will come from TV devices in which the gaming console will have a lion’s share.

Other News The next new platform in iPlayer is the Anytime+ service from Sky but an exact launch date has not been announced. Meanwhile, Microsoft says that unlike its chief competitor Nintendo, it ought not to discuss the successor to the Xbox 360. Nintendo is all set to announce its new Wii U at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

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