Beta Version of Kinect for Windows SDK- Getting Commercial In first Quarter of 2012


The Kinect for Windows SDK, which is a beta version, is all set for a commercial rollout in early 2012.

Exciting Beta Version

Basically, the beta version is designed to create new applications and it targets enthusiasts, researchers and academics who use the motion-sensing capabilities. Even though the Kinect was designed for video games but it has moved beyond the gaming world only because of its usefulness and price. At a price of $149, the Kinect lets people buy a device with facial as well as voice recognition, 3D motion capture, depth sensors, microphones and an RGB camera gadgets.

Kinect Beta is going to be Commercial

Earlier today, Microsoft said even though the development kit targets non-commercial projects; they will launch the Kinect for Windows commercial program in the first quarter of next year. This will eventually give global businesses the tools that they need to develop applications. Also, Microsoft discussed the forthcoming commercial SDK with the Financial Times wherein; they discussed about the Microsoft Pilot program which involves more than 200 companies for the use of Kinect, from advertising to automotive, healthcare to education. The beta version of Kinect for Windows SDK includes drivers, human motion tracking, APIs for raw sensor streams and more.

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