Come August Flappy Bird soars Again in the Air; Latest Update with Multiplayer


Flappy BirdGet ready for more intense mobile gaming (but not addictive) because, after months of a long interval, the Flappy Bird is again coming back to mobile gadgets. Dong Nguyens Flappy Bird was an instant hit when it was first launched and now again sure appears promising, tweets Kelly Evans of CNBC. You could share it with friends in the latest multimedia mode.

The Addictive Past

Nguyens Flappy Bird was withdrawn from Google Play and App Store following the increasing the addictive nature of the game, that is supposed to have destroyed Nguyens “simple life”. The developer collected revenues close to $50,000 per day in ads when the game still played.

The Speculative Present

Though Flappy Bird was no liver, other clones had emerged like FlappyDoge and FlappyMMO. The later game actually lets you follow the score for all those playing with you. We are just wondering whether the latest update will put friends and gamers in a run for better scores while playing in turns or playing simultaneously.

For beating the scores of others “multiplayer”, feature will be similar to the taking turns with the other players like when we play in the reality.

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