Crytek creating social network for gamers, called Gface


It seems that everyone is excited into creating a social network for each other but right now social networking is dominated by Facebook although it is created for a more general audience. However, there is rarely one that is created for a specific type of people but Crytek is doing its best to promote their new social networking website made especially for gamers.

Now it is possible to play games by means of streaming much like what OnLive is offering to its customers. Crytek is currently offering the service through its Gface website. It uses a cloud technology platform called Seed Engine which allows users to play games in single and multi-player platforms. Some of the games are in 2D while others are high-performance games. In addition to that, users can also connect with each other through the website’s interface.

Currently, Gface is available for closed beta only. Those that are interested can definitely drop their email at the Gface website and if you’re lucky, you might be able to join the closed beta community. Gface will definitely change the gaming community for good especially if Crytek applies the website to a bunch of their games such as Crysis and the lot.

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