Dead Rising 3 Demo Available for Downloading


Deal Rising 3Capcom Vancouver’s move to introduce a demo version of Dead Rising 3 might just pay off. Basically, Dead Rising 3 is one of the games developed for Microsoft’s gaming console, Xbox one. Periodically, there are add ons for games that are played on gaming consoles such as the Xbox one. However, this is also the first time such add on has been released for Dead Rising 3. Effectively, there is a demo and an add-on for DR3 now.

About the Demo Version of DR3

The storyline lets players pick weapons, combine weapons, and use their vehicles for killing zombies that have filled Los Perdidos streets. In all, each such game will last only for 20 minutes. But the really tantalizing factor is the number of times this game is allowed to be used for every gamertag. As of now, demo users can only use it twice with every gamertag.

Add On for DR3

In this, the storyline has Adam Kane, a special officer and a Commander, searching for missing president of the US. His operation is called Operation Broken Eagle. Again, there are new weapons, i.e.,5 varieties have been added in this add on. In addition, there is a new vehicle and a new combo weapon for the protagonist played by the player.  Capcom Vancouver is also likely to come up with Dead Rising 4 in not so distant future.

The games can be downloaded from Xbox Live stores. However, there is a new trend being established here with limited usage per gamertag, which may be good for Microsoft and Capcom in short run, but not a welcome move for gadgets community because it means people would be forced to purchase gaming consoles if they want to play such games.

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