Dell presents the latest Ubuntu Alienware X51 gaming device


Even some time back Linux gaming for mainstream was unimaginable but not so now! Let’s do not forget that WINE was still there in the market even sometime back, and presently developers have come up with a platform in Linux.

Alienware X51

This small gaming PC that closely represents the Xbox 360 is an extremely powerful gadget, good enough to win an editor’s choice award. If you are ready to shift from Windows to Ubuntu, you will have a lesser pocket crunch. The basic model sports Intel Dual core i3 processor 3.3GHz with 6GB DDR3 and NVIDIA GTX GeForce 645 graphics. There is a Wi-Fi inside, 1TB of hard drive and higher configurations.

Exclusively a gaming device

The gadget has been exclusively made for gaming and even though it does not support AAA releases, the list is growing, and it is not far when you can enjoy it. Steam Integration is an exceptionally prominent feature in the device lets the mode Big Picture.

It is compact in size and hence you can easily get it connected to your TV’s and monitors. For Linux, this is a gigantic step in the field of gaming and with the OEM publishers and game developers found it pretty encouraging.

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