Diablo III Available This Weekend as Open Beta


It is fantastic news for diablo fans, as this weekend Diablo III would be available free as an open beta. Blizzard is inviting the players to conglomerate on the Battle.net servers to check if the server can handle so much of load on the launch day.

Timings for Open Beta

Today from 12:01 pm (PST) the open beta will start today and end at 10am PST on Monday. If you also want to enjoy the action then download the 2.5 GB beta client in your gadgets. It is not going to take so much of space of your gadget, and you should not be worried about its download speed. Blizzard’s always uses BitTorrent for the speedy download.

Who can play Open Beta

Anyone having valid Battle.net account is eligible to play this open beta version. However, those who do not have can register free for it. There are five classes for experiencing Diablo III opening, including Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter. After hitting the level, 13 beta version will end up, but the final game can go up to the level of 60.

Players should not be worried about their location as it would be available worldwide; however, one must keep an eye on the Pacific Time.

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