Displayair Shows Touchscreen made of Moisture Mist to Play Fruit Ninja


As you must be aware, the next popular mobile games are Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Playing Fruit Ninja on a misty touchscreen surely will be a unique experience isn’t it! This opportunity will be provided to you by Displayair, a Russian company and was shown at CES.

The strategy

At CES, they setup a touchscreen that will have mist behind it. Three gadgets like a projector, table and the camera will work in unison, to run the game on the layered water on the wall. Just like a typical touchscreen if you touch the mist, it will register it. This new technique can be used also to surf the net, like, for example, logging on to Facebook or watching YouTube.

The Downside

The Displayair is state- of- the- art technology and it uses around two liters of water every hour. But there is a threat of moisture damage since the exact place where all the other projector and tablets are saturated with moisture.

It is priced at $10000.  But to be in the reach of common people the price should lower down and the devices should be moisture proof as all the devices will be in the contact of water droplets.

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