Facebook to Target the Hardcore Gamers


Facebook is targeting those hardcore gamers who are spending time and money on Facebook gaming options like Farmville. Reuters have reported the inclusion of almost close to ten gaming options by the end of this year.

Advanced gaming experience

Facebook is planning to launch advanced gaming options that have excellent graphics, well knitted plots and full screen gaming options- features that till date have been only synonymous with gaming gadgets. Facebook will not create them but let developers include their games, but in return they will demand thirty per cent of the profit.

Examples of New Games

Games in the likes of Offensive Combat- where one gets multiple layer shooting options- is already in the Facebook since last month. KingsRoad-another game that has a backdrop of medieval times- is being tried and tested for the final launch. Role playing games like Crackdown is hugely popular. In the same genre, ChronoBlade will be soon making its way.

The 226 million gamers will get fresh doses of games with plots, role playing, and state-of-the-art graphics in the Action and Adventure section of the Facebook Apps Center.

Still Farmville 2 is the most popular online game grabbing around millions of players but this new set of games will attract more game lovers and fetch more money to the gaming sites.

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