Free Airport Hotspots by Nintendo


Good news for 3DS gadget owners as Nintendo has recently signed a partnership deal with wi-fi service provider Boingo under which the owners will have access to free Wi-Fi hotspots which are scattered across 42 North American airports including New York’s JFK, Chicago’s O’Hare, Houston’s George Bush International.

Good News for 3DS Owners

The 3DS owners will be able to play online games, watch videos online, and browse the 3DS eStore during their leisure time at the airport. Also, there is a virtual service under the name “Nintendo Zone” available on 3DS that provides promotional coupons, offers and lots more! The partnership is going to be of great help to the 3DS owners as they will have Internet access all the while at the American airports.

Treat for Holiday Season

This is certainly the best time to launch this service as the holiday season is approaching and more and more families will have access to the hotspots. The icing on the cake is; users will not have to face problems of disconnecting Internet as users will have seamless connectivity and reliable service. So, while you are on the go stay entertained!

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